A healthy community and content flow are key to a good business in the blockchain sector.

Our products free up your core team to develop your business. We make your community thrive, and provide you with a continuous stream of content and exposure that will allow you to build, or keep your business’ momentum. Informance operates globally, and consists of 20+ blockchain and cryptocurrency veterans with real experience as investors, developers, implementers, and much more. Our expertise, network, and sharp prices set us apart from our competition.

Our Customers

Open Platform

The First Blockchain Infrastructure for Applications


Network for Next Generation of B2C Applications


Global Supply Chain on the Blockchain

Dusk Network

A privacy oriented crypto system for fast and anonymous applications


The global P2P lending ecosystem powered by Ethereum and No-Code Development



A Leading C2B blockchain-based data exchange


The First Blockchain Platform for the Global OTC Derivatives Market.


An upcoming cryptocurrency trading & portfolio management platform

How we make a difference

We help you build your business, regardless of the stage your company is at. We help you craft the perfect fundraising proposition, or maintain momentum post-sale. We excel at community management, digital marketing and content creation, and our various advisory services including assistance raising funds. Our business is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but our business footprint is global. All of our experts are originally crypto enthusiasts, and maintain this grassroots character in their communications with your community and company. We are your audience.

The Founders

Jelle Pol

Advisory, Marketing, Fundraising. Experience designing and implementing large IT systems. Knows about Energy, Emerging Tech, and Business. Ex blockchain specialist at Shell

Mels Dees

Blockchain researcher and digital growth strategist. Behavioural marketing expert with experience in the Finance industry. Ex Project           Consultant at Rabobank.                                                                 

Pascal Putman

Consultancy, Strategy, Growth. Specializes in New Business Development and IT solutions. Ex Consultant at ABN Ambro and (Project) Manager & Senior Advisor at PostNL



Informance has accumulated extensive experience in an ever expanding list of industries including Oil & Gas, New energies, Supply chain, Finance, Distributed systems, IT, Logistics, Aerospace engineering and more.

We have been part of private blockchain operations, the implementation of distributed systems and have taken an interest in the cryptocurrency space from the very beginning. By reading hundreds of white papers and investor pitches we know what sticks and what doesn’t. Our crypto knowledge base and list of key-contacts will help you maneuver your blockchain company efficiently


Due Diligence

To protect our Community and Community Managers, we require a full company assessment before we can engage with your firm. This assessment outlines any red flags, inconsistencies and divergence from the current implied regulatory and legal requirements. You can request an assessment by contacting us.

We assess the problem that it solves, the customers it targets, the potential value created and the market structure, size, and associated regulatory risks.

Competitive Advantage
Does the company have a head start on other likeminded companies working on the same idea? How strong are the network effects, is there a barrier to entry for late entrants adopting the same solution? Who are the teams contacts and network? What is the teams potential to access key players in the market?

Token Mechanics
Does the problem truly require a cryptotoken/coin and does the token add value? Do token lock-ups, token allocation and planned blockchain architecture fit the envisioned use case?

User Adoption
As adoption is the best indicator of success, we evaluate how difficult it is to adopt the envisioned tech solution. Is it easy to understand? What point it solves and what will trigger a user to make an acquisition. Is the brand associated with strong brands and institutions?

The market is moving to the requirement of a strong focus on governance and investor identification. This requires careful evaluation of the selected jurisdiction and whether KYC and AML requirements for investors were successfully completed.

We review the whitepaper, website and other company materials to determine whether the potential of the project is maximized and identify any red flags.


Community building requires trustworthiness, familiarity and likeability. We are looking for authentic and knowledgeable crypto fanatics that know how to add value to the community through interaction and engagement.
We work with talented people and create & cultivate an open culture.

When join?


You’re not going to get an automated reply. Your e-mail isn’t going to the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. We are incredibly responsive to your requests and value your questions. Informance is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.                                                                                                  

We’ll contact you within a day.

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